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Have you ever thought about navigating your life on your own terms?

You own your time.
You can play with your kids almost everyday.
You earn money from your passion project.
You can travel without worrying about work.

This sounds too ideal, right? But, you know what?


And, they have made it.

In this one-of-a-kind learning event last AUGUST 31, 2019 at O2 Space, Makati City, my friends showed “the way” how to work without working while loving what you do.

We have a powerful line-up of speakers to inspire you to navigate your life the way you want it.



He was recently recognized as one of the country’s top wedding hosts to book for a memorable reception. He is a professional voice artist and a motivational speaker. He runs his own hosting workshop brand – YOUR INNER VOICE.

At the young age of 22, she was able to hit Gold Director level, with a $1,000 mark in a week, in one of the prestigious network marketing business all over the world, helping people reach their financial and health goals.

Being a full-time wife and mom to her kids, she has found the perfect online business that gives her enough daily income and enjoy precious time with her love ones. She is the Founder of Online Filipino Freelancers, a community of thousands of Filipinos that share a common ground – to break free from the traditional 9-5 corporate jobs, to work for and with different clients all over the globe whenever and wherever they want.

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