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Empower Your Team Towards High Performance


Developing a Superteam:
A Strategic Approach to Team Culture Towards High Performance

In every organization, it is important for team members to know the vision, mission and the core values. However, in difficult situations, the ones with a stronger grasp of the company’s VMV remain unshakeable, and more likely the ones who respond with hope than the others.

This program aims to provide an action plan to abolish the unwanted culture of politics, perfectionism and pollution and build and promote a culture of people (with emotions), power (ability) and performance (results).


Team Quotient is based on research from over 100 companies on the 8 Elements of High Performance Teams. Successfully focusing on these 8 elements will result in a High Performance Team:

Program Includes:

  • Team Performance Assessment
  • Corporate VMV Implementation
  • High Performance Habits
  • Follow-through Programs
  • Individual Career Consultation
  • Developing People for Leadership

Program Engagement:

Fast Track Development Program

3 to 6 months

Intensive Leadership Program

6 to 12 months

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