Perfect Start

If You Are Still Chasing Success, You’ve Got It All Wrong!

There’s no need for you to run after success again when you discover what is worth the chase.

You must know what you need to do in life so that success becomes just a by-product and not the main menu.

What is this?

You might be thinking that there’s a new formula in achieving your goals and you want it now!

Here’s the bad news…

There’s no new formula!


The good news is…

– You will never see life’s challenges the same way again.

– You will have a concrete view of what you should do.

– You will know what really matters than chasing success in your entire life.

In my entire decade of professional experience, I have seen a lot of people working too hard to earn a living, get the top position in the organization, be famous and live like a billionaire.

Sounds like success, right?

If there’s a quick way to make our life more comfortable, live life luxuriously, we’ll always choose that way. That’s chasing “success” directly.

Most people who chase success failed! The more they chase success, the more difficult the challenges have become.


Don’t worry, you won’t be one of them.

Here’s the thing…

Success starts when you acknowledge the need to grow!

Growth is what you should have been chasing instead of success.

A revolutionary take on personal growth to live a better life.

Learn the disciplines of corporate superstars, industry leaders and serial entrepreneurs.

Take a peak of its content.

Chapter 1

What’s worth the chase

Get excited in doing something new in life.

Chapter 2

How to Spot an Opportunity in Life

An opportunity is like an ice cream.

Chapter 3

Embracing Challenges

Why challenges are also stepping stones

Chapter 4

Map Your Action Plan

From vision to execution

Chapter 5

Why You Need Lifestyle Mentors

A great coach makes champions

Chapter 6

How to Sustain your Drive

Be at your 100% each day


This book is extremely honest. Some principles may pull you out of your comfort zone.

If you are not ready to chew it, don’t bite it.


There’s no way you’ll meet success without passing through the growth stage- which is a very uncomfortable.

That is why growth is an endless chase.

Learn why life is a marathon and not a sprint.

Get your copy of GROWTH CHASE today.